Gay Marriage Should Not Be Legalized


By Aulia Ikhsanti

(Note: Another ol’ writing…)

            Gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, is marriage between two persons of the same gender (Wikipedia, 2011) – though traditionally, the idea of marriage itself is obviously limited to a union between a man and a woman. In this case, I believe that gay marriage should be banned. There are several reasons why gay marriage should not be legalized.

Legalizing gay marriage would weaken the definition and respect for the institution of marriage. The word “Marriage” itself is defined as the legal relationship between a husband and wife, (Hornby, 2005), or, the socially recognized union between a man and a woman (Bohannan, 1983). It is clear that marriage is not merely an institution; it is a sacred institution which is symbolized the relationship of two people and its relation to procreation. Thus, legalizing gay marriage would weaken the definition and respect of marriage and eventually increased the divorce rate. As we know, the increase in the divorce rate will be indirectly affects on the increase of crime and death rate, also the decrease of health rate – especially among youngsters.

Following the previous statement, legalizing gay marriage could start a chain reaction that destroys the whole idea of marriage. Gay rights activists claimed that it doesn’t hurt society or anyone in particular. Yes, it is a personal commitment that hurt no one in the process. But, once gay marriage is legalized, who knows what will happen next? Incest marriage could be the next. Therefore, we must have a clear and firm definition of what a marriage is.

Another reason why gay marriage should not be legalized is because gay lifestyle is not something to be encouraged. A lot of research shows that it reduces life span, increases the level of promiscuity, and gives negative impact on health – both physical and mental (Roundy, 2000). Moreover, the increased number of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) cases is believed to be the result of the male sexual behaviour – including promiscuity – which leads to a greater health risk. Multiple studies also shows high rates of psychiatric illness among gay men, such as depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts (Diggs, 2001).

Seeing from the reasons mentioned above, I believe it is best not to legalized gay marriage.


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